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Types of wax

Type 1.

Or Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax. Wax first line, used in products related to drugs, food, cosmetics, among others.


  • Melting range: 82°C - 86°C
  • Acid value: 02 – 06 mg KOH/g

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Carnauba Wax

The Carnauba wax is a product used in a wide range of industries. Well-know as the “Queen of the Waxes” the Carnauba wax has a melting point bigger than others waxes (82-86°C) and it is the hardest natural wax. It is ideal for extremely strong covers, floor coatings, car polishes, amongst others. Also the Carnauba waxes is used in Cakes, paints, cosmetics and a lot of others compounds.

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